Azerbaijan’s victory last year, was indeed a catalyst for the United States to further engrain its hegemony in Central Asia, broaching an upsurge of security concerns for Russia. With over 30 years of Russian backed Armenian occupation coupled with numerous failed bids by the international community, primarily European and American…

When the Arab Spring erupted in 2011 it very quickly spread to Syria where the Syrian people took a stand against the corrupt, tyrannical, and the brutal regime of Al-Assad. For decades the Ba’athist regime operated a police state and used sickening methods of torture to preserve its iron fist…

Rifles and rifts: Houthi rebels in Sanaa, Yemen, December 2018
 Hani Al-Ansi / Picture Alliance / dpa / AP Images
Rifles and rifts: Houthi rebels in Sanaa, Yemen, December 2018. Hani Al-Ansi / Picture Alliance / dpa / AP Images

For years now, the tension, rivalry, and the fighting in Yemen refuse to see an end in sight. The brutal war has resulted in creating an unprecedented level of hunger in the country, which is merely getting worse by the day. Despite the continuity of humanitarian assistance, over

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lambasts Obama during his 2011 address to Congress Alex Wong/Getty

Since Joe Biden became the 46th president of the United States, many have already started to discuss and analyse how Biden’s policies will play out in the Middle East, especially concerning the issues of Israel and the peace process, and the revival of the Iranian nuclear accords. Netanyahu showed much…

Does China Pose a Threat to the European Union?

Europe has recently been facing several challenges; the increasing rise of nationalism, the demise of the European Union project, and its turbulent relationship with the United States. Furthermore, the rise of China and the prospect of its exerting influence in European…

Hashim Abid

Hashim Abid is an Analyst and a Researcher of Global Affairs. @LSe

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